Saturday, January 31, 2015

100 things about me... you may or may not have known!

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  1.  I changed my first name to Jordan when I went to college because I had never liked the name my parents gave me.
  2. I had never heard of Stanford University when I visited the football stadium in 1994 but I decided it was a place I wanted to study.
  3. I got married on my 39th birthday so I would never have to celebrate my 40th birthday
  4. I hate eggplant.
  5. My college major was initially Mathematics with Statistics but I switched to Modern Languages after a year.
  6. As a child, I wanted to be a British diplomat.
  7. I am the 3rd of 4 daughters in my family and they would probably agree that I fell furthest from the tree.
  8. I was vegetarian for 12 years.
  9. At age 13, I weighed about 170lbs.
  10. At age 14, I weighed about 125lbs.
  11. My favorite sport as a child was netball and I loved playing the position of GA (Goal Attack) or GD (Goal Defense).
  12. My husband is 3rd generation Mexican but I speak and write far better Spanish than he does.
  13. I first visited the United States in 1989 and my sister took me to watch Madonna in a play on Broadway.
  14. I worked on Wall Street… actually on Wall Street, the address was 60 Wall Street, New York
  15. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
  16. I have a 17 year old stepson.
  17. I wish I lived closer to my nieces and nephews so I could be a bigger part of their lives.
  18. I’m from the north of England.
  19. I went to the University of Bristol, England, for my undergraduate studies.
  20. I won the jackpot when I met and married my husband.
  21. I never went on vacation with my parents after the age of 12.
  22. I spent my third year of college splitting time between Oaxaca, Mexico and Lyon, France.
  23. I have scuba-dived once and I hated it.
  24. I suffer from mild claustrophobia.
  25. I learned to swim at age 7 but wouldn’t put my face in the water.
  26. I re-learned how to swim (exchange air under the water) at age 32.
  27. I worked at Disneyland, Paris, for a summer during college.
  28. I paid my own way through college. 2x
  29. I’m the only member of my family ever to go to college.
  30. I dreamed of being a writer in college because college boyfriend was a writer.
  31. My college  boyfriend had a best friend with the exact same name (Richard Kelly) so he became Richard T. Kelly.
  32. I saw my husband compete in a triathlon and took a photo of him (because he was cute!) 7 years before I met him.
  33. I’ve visited four of the five continents and I’m dying to go to South Africa.
  34. Sweet potato fries.
  35. At age 8, I suffered briefly from Bells palsy, which partially paralyzed my face.
  36. My husband proposed to me at the end of a 2 week and 1700mi cycling/triathlon adventure.
  37. I didn’t get totally comfortable with myself until my mid-30s.
  38. I attended a Church of England school through high school.
  39. I’ve lost much of my English accent.
  40. I’ve lost my Yorkshire accent.
  41. I have a Prada dress in my closet that is 17 years old and I still wear it.
  42. I rented my London flat to a prostitute (by accident).
  43. I traded my pacifier for my first bike at age 4.
  44. All of my parents (mom, stepdad, dad) were only children.
  45. My first ever job was picking potatoes at age 12.
  46. I hate cooking for myself and rarely do so.
  47. Carrots and hummus for dinner is not unusual.
  48. My first marathon in 2000 took me over 5 hours to complete.
  49. My second marathon in 2002 took me 3:38 to complete.
  50. I regret not taking the Boston slot from the 2002 marathon.
  51. I first heard of Ironman while at Stanford Business School when friends competed at Ironman California.
  52. I watched my first Ironman race in Canada in 2001 and thought that I would never be able to complete the swim by the cutoff time.
  53. I wish I had travelled more around England when I lived there.
  54. One of my favorite vacations was a backpacking trip to Chilean Patagonia while at Stanford.
  55. I was practically deported from the US in 2006 due to an immigration snafu.
  56. A 3 week trip to England turned into 5 months in 2006 due to immigration issues.
  57. I received my green card in 2009 just weeks before I met my future husband.
  58. I didn’t think twice about giving up my maiden name when I married.
  59. I used to work with my husband’s ex-wife.
  60. Co-parenting is impossible.
  61. Sparkling water.
  62. When working in Investment Banking, I would have an annual shopping splurge at Armani.
  63. Now that I work from home, I barely change out of Lululemon capris.
  64. A weekend in Minneapolis for a wedding was one of the most fun trips I made last year.
  65. I second guess my decision not to have children of my own all the time.
  66. I think I could be a good mother.
  67. I organize EVERYTHING in our household – travel, bills, finances, cleaning, social engagements.
  68. We never have leftovers. Even when I think I cooked a lot of food, my husband eats up.
  69. The only musical instrument I ever learned was the recorder.
  70. I rarely listen to music.
  71. My husband loves playing the guitar and singing. He even writes his own music.
  72. I do not enjoy going to music concerts.
  73. My husband loves going to music concerts.
  74. I am incredibly stubborn and determined.
  75. I’m racing an Ironman this year without qualifying for Kona as the goal.
  76. I am currently writing my husband’s training plan. Does that mean I am coaching him?
  77. Not everyone should go to a four year college.
  78. I’m a morning person and love being in bed by 9pm.
  79. I probably drink too much wine.
  80. I learned to drive at age 21.
  81. I never owned a car until I moved to California at age 28.
  82. NPR
  83. At night, I need complete darkness to sleep so will unplug electronic alarm clocks in hotel rooms because I hate the glow.
  84. I stopped drinking coffee about 8 years ago.
  85. I stopped drinking diet coke about 3 years ago.
  86. My husband wants us to move to Santa Cruz when we retire.
  87. I’d like to spend more time in Europe when we retire: France, Italy, Spain.
  88. I took a year of Portuguese while in college but I barely remember any of it.
  89. I wish I had studied history in college.
  90. I pretty much write all articles, essays, papers in my head before ever setting pen to paper.
  91. I still have love letters from my college boyfriend saved in a box titled “memorabilia”.
  92. I hate running at altitude.
  93. I don’t like climbing Mt. Lemmon on my bike.
  94. We got engaged in the New Zealand town of Invercargill, not a very romantic city.
  95. My father died when I was 2 years old.
  96. I’m a bit of a control freak.
  97. I don’t like surprises but I keep asking my husband to surprise me. He refuses to.
  98. I’m really happy that I had a British education.
  99. I don’t miss much about England.
  100. I hate being cold more than being hot.


  1. I learned so many new things about you! I also need complete darkness when I sleep, drink sparkling water, and never have any leftovers.

  2. Loved reading this, Jordan! Thanks for posting.

  3. I too changed my name when I went to college. My family still calls me my growing up name. Nobody calls me by the name I used when I started college, it eventually morphed into Maggs.

  4. Awesome 100 Jordan! South Africa rocks you should visit soon :-D B-)

  5. I absolutely love this! thank you for sharing xo

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