Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Strong like bull...

In my thirteen seasons of training for and competing in triathlon, I've learned a few things about myself and my body...

- If I swim 3x week (10,000 yards), I can survive an Ironman swim
- If I swim 4+x week (14-16,000 yards), I actually improve and get faster!
- Deep bike fitness produces my best running in triathlons
- I get huge jumps in bike fitness from a few days with big miles, followed by recovery (e.g. coast rides, training camps)
- Consistently running 30+ miles a week manifests in injury (ITB/plantar issues)
- Hard track workouts will leave me sore for days
- I can run in a race faster than I can run in training (taper? race day magic?)

The above are truisms for me, they may not be for you. One thing that is not included in the above is anything about strength training since I've never really submitted to serious strength work. I didn't compete as a serious athlete in college and since then, most of the things I've done that fall into the *strength bucket* are things like core work and occasional push-ups.

Last year, when I switched triathlon coaches, I committed to a strength training program, enlisting Kate Ligler to help me work on *functional strength*. Unfortunately, my fatigue/hormone issues prevented me from really building pure strength but I did spend the year working on core and hip stability issues that have helped me stay injury-free.

For the 2015 season, as my health is getting back on track, Kate is pushing me to evolve my pure strength fairly dramatically. Last week we established some benchmarks for squats, bench press and pull-ups and we'll be looking to improve on those marks in the coming weeks.

With a lot of work, in 2015 I will be strong!

Core workout to warm up!
Single leg deadlifts & lunges to activate the glutes.

Widowmaker - 20 squats
Assisted pull-ups to failure
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