Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kona Twitter Social

Quite often I will be having a conversation with my husband (Blanco) about someone... maybe, I am following along a race and checking splits or reading a RR or blog post... and he'll ask me: "How do you know them?" My response more recently has become "via Twitter".

As someone who eschews social media, he thinks this is kinda weird. However, I have proved him wrong in the past by becoming fast friends with folks I first got to know via the Twitterverse!

More than a few Twitter friends that have inspired me, entertained me, made me cry in the past year will be in Hawaii next week. I am panicking that I'll miss meeting up with many of them as the craziness of the week takes hold... so I am proposing a post-swim gathering for Twitter friends so I can put a face to a Twitter handle and cheer you along on race-day!

I am thinking Tuesday October 8th, 8-9am near the swim start... precise details to follow... via Twitter!

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  1. Steve always gives me a hard time and think it's super weird when I say I know people from the internet.