Thursday, August 15, 2013

An early Thanksgiving...

I'm a fiercely independent person... I was pretty much single (dating) for most of my twenties and thirties, getting married at age 39, so I had a lot of time to practice taking care of myself, never asking for help. Not even really knowing how to ask for help...

4+ years ago I met my soulmate (Blanco) and over the past few years, he's softened my edges, taught me to let my guard down and acknowledge that I cannot (and do not have to) do everything. These lessons have come in handy recently. I seem to have asked for a LOT of help in the last few months.

For the past 15 months, we've been remodeling a house... It was due to be finished in late June/early July. The residential construction industry is notorious for being over budget and never on time. Why did I believe our project would be the exception? We had an August 15th deadline to be out of our rental but with October 1st the *new* expected completion date for our own house, we were staring down 6 weeks of homelessness... in a very tight SF housing market!

Some serious life stress on top of the training stress, as Blanco and I prep for Kona. Add to this fact that Blanco is carrying a lot of work stress too, traveling out of the country for the better part of July and August. It meant that I was flying solo on managing the construction project, assuring our anxious landlord that we'd move out in time... all while finding us a place to stay.

I asked for help.

I am beyond grateful that my friend Monica reached out to offer us space in her home for 6 weeks. I'm also appreciative of all the other suggestions friends offered. Yesterday, I packed up and moved most of our stuff into storage but kept everything I thought we might need between now and our trip to Hawaii in early October.

With all the move craziness over the past week, I've been uncharacteristically scatterbrained. On last Saturday's ride, I missed a turn and inadvertently tacked on an extra 20 miles to an already long ride. Poor Meredith was about to jump in her car to hunt for me when I finally found my way back to the car! Thank you Mere for your concern over my whereabouts... It's just not like me to get lost!

Of course, I made checklist upon checklist for our move this week... What can go into storage and what we need over the next 6 or so weeks for work, upcoming trips/races and of course, the big trip to Kona. I was so annoyed when I realized I had not packed my swimskin. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but nevertheless a potentially costly mistake by my scatterbrained mind! Once again, friends leapt in with ideas... Thanks to Audra, Jen, Caroline, Meredith, Hailey and Kristin for your offers of swimskins... I am now all set with one... Just need to continue working on the swim to do the suit justice.

One thing I did remember to do this week was to apply to the Betty Designs "Are you a Betty?" Brand ambassador campaign. What a fantastic opportunity that Kristin is offering... There's still time to apply... Sep 1st deadline!

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