Monday, March 11, 2013

First race of 2013

I ran my first ever timed open 10k this weekend! I think I ran a bunch of 10ks in Battersea Park (London) right after I graduated college but I have no idea what the times were so this really goes down as my first ever 10k since I know the result. So I ran a  10k open PR :)

However, the result was not fast (47mins) as I have run much faster in Olympic distance triathlons in the quite distant past... but I'll take it as a mark to improve upon as I go through this season. In fact I have two more 10ks and a half marathon lined up during the next couple of months as I finally begin to work on my run endurance and speed. The goal will be to run the 10k sub-45mins by mid-April and target a half-marathon goal of 1:35 by May. I said it here...

Sunday's 10k run/race probably does not bode well for the run portion of Oceanside coming up in just over two weeks. But I consider California 70.3 to be a *cobweb* race... dust off the cobwebs and get a starting point to build upon for the key races of the season (Vineman 70.3 and Ironman Hawaii). I think my swim and bike should be solid but the run legs will not be there... yet!

My husband and I also made the decision that we did not want to race Vegas 70.3 this year so I am not trying to qualify for that. This decision has altered my race schedule compared to recent years. I am excited for us to do a few more local, shorter races rather than the 4-5 half distance races that we have done in the past 2-3 seasons.

It's going to be fun to be done with a race by brunch-time!

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